Edited by: UNIVERS
ISBN: 9788417868024
Original language: Catalan
Translations: Spanish (Catedral)

L'abisme (Univers)
El abismo (Catedral)

What do you do when your moment is over?
When you are not even the shadow of what you were?

Octavi Fontseca is in crisis: his marriage collapses and is unable to write. There is nothing left of the writer who transformed the rage he felt for a broken infantry into a novel that turned him the voice of a generation. Thirty years later, Octavi is still living from a past that does not exist. His editor is impatient and proposes him to publish with his name a manuscript written by somebody else. One morning, two policemen inform him that his mother, who abandoned him when he was a child, has appeared dead. The autopsy reveals that before dying, she swallowed a stone, a stone hiding secrets of a life that Octavi thought he had forgotten.